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Audience flow.

Using a structured repeatable process for converting spectators into leads.

Back in the 2000s I was serving on the board for a local chapter of The Association For Corporate Growth. We were invited to a special meeting in the basement of a new wing of the Cleveland Clinic.


As the members started arriving, the conversation was lively. The guest speaker took the stage and began to explain why his business was the worst type business and that no one should get into it. With an engineer’s precision, he explained that his business loses money 996 times out of 1,000.

He started with the fact that it costs money to review every deal. They may put in only a few minutes, or they might put in a big effort into a review. For all those reviews, they might take action on one in a hundred.


Our guest scaled up the number of reviews to a thousand. With the same review c onversion rate, his company would take action on ten deals. He went on to say:

Of those ten:

And one will be a winner.

Our guest was David Morgentaler. His short explanation of deal flow has become b-school lore.

So why tell this story?

David had a process for achieving goals. With it, he helped pioneer the American venture capital industry.

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A structured and repeatable process can help you generate more leads. We call it audience flow.

SearchBox may not find the next Apple, like David Morgenthaler, but our audience flow process will put more highly qualified leads in the top of your funnel.

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