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Audience Marketing Tips For Creating Highly Qualified Remarketing Leads

Have you ever wondered where revenue comes from? Everybody knows revenue comes from customers. And customers come from prospects, and prospects come from leads. Before someone can become a lead, they have to notice you. They invest their time to learn more and consider what it is that you have to offer. You are not a stranger to them but they are not lead for you.

There are people who know something about you and might be interested. They are anonymous faces in the crowd. They pause - if only for a moment to hear your story. They are your audience. And that is where leads comes from. So here’s your first tip. Your audience contains all your future revenue.

"Your Audience Holds All Future Revenue"

Think about it. Every customer you have; and every prospect, cold call dial, and email address, starts as a silent member of your audience. They noticed something about your product or service that caught their eye. Perhaps they were looking for a solution to a problem you solve. Or perhaps they responded to a referral from a friend. At some point, somewhere, somehow, someplace - every single customer you have joined your audience. And THEY made the connection that you might be able to help them.

Audience marketing is a key contributor to new business development. Your audience marketing team is working ahead of your sales team and ahead of your website team to find those people your company needs to grow, thrive and expand. Here are some tips for building a great audience marketing strategy.

Value your audience

dollar over arrows Would you buy a stranger a cup of coffee?

What if the stranger fit your ideal customer profile but has never heard of you?

And what if that stranger took just one minute out of their life to learn just a bit of your story?

And THEN, what if that same stranger showed interest in what you have to say?

Would you buy THAT stranger a cup of coffee?

People who show interest in your product, service or brand are valuable. Interest in your message promotes your brand recognition and business reputation. People who stop and listen are your audience. They might be passers by on the street; they might be whizzing down the highway past your billboard, but for that fleeting moment - your message had an audience.

The first thing you should do when you are building an audience strategy is to recognize that every person, at every level of engagement, in your audience has value.

"Assign A Dollar Value To Every Member Of Your Audience"

So how much value? If a stranger volunteered a minute of their life and showed interest - buy a round of coffee. If you can find no other value in the conversation, then the value of a stranger investing one minute of their time to be worth two cups of coffee, or $10.00. Depending on your average transaction value or lifetime customer value, that one minute of interest might be worth much more.

The point is, every member of your audience is valuable. Value your audience by giving each type a dollar amount. That dollar amount represents how much each audience member is worth.

Set goals for your audience

audience-line-1200x1200 Your time is valuable. Your resources are limited. Put your time and resources into those people who have shown the most interest in your product service or brand.

Website visitors demonstrate different behaviors that you can use to measure their interest. SearchBox uses a process we call "Audience Auditions". We want an audience for perform for us to see if they are worthy of our remarketing efforts. If they show interest in us, then we show interest in them. If they don’t show interest, or show us they are not interested, then we stop bothering them.

When creating your audience goals, build a list of practical things people can do to demonstrate that they are interested in you. When you implement these goals, every website visit becomes an audition to become a High Quality Remarketing Lead.

"Hold Auditions For Your Best Leads"

Map your audience journey

know like trust People buy from people they know, like and trust. This is one of the oldest most trusted phrases in sales. It is also a great place to start to build an audience map.

The Internet is the world’s largest shopping bazaar. People browse the web and stop at sites that interest them. When someone notices your site, they join your audience. We use the audience map to measure how interested someone is in your product, service or brand.

Every person who visits your website is in your audience. Every person who visits your website is also a lead.

Some people left your website as soon as they got there. Some of them left before the first page loaded. They bounced. Your website produces an audience of people who bounced. So now we have a group of people who demonstrated a specific behavior - they left.

"Every Person Who Visits Your Website Is A Lead"

But they are leads... We could go after them. Or we could study them. We should seek to understand why some people left and some people stayed.

Some people lingered and read some content. They might have viewed some additional pages. They might have downloaded a whitepaper even visited your contact page. These people did stuff that indicate they are interested. These people are in your audience of "Highly Qualified Leads".

Key Takeaway

A well structured audience marketing strategy produces a consistent source Highly Qualified Leads that you can reach and remarket to.

David Hadley David Hadley is an audience marketing specialist and a member of the customer success team at SearchBox. He can be reached at (603) 766 - 4996 or at