Outbound starts with the CFO.
Outbound starts with the CFO.

3 quick questions to target the right leads and acquire the right customers.

Start with the end in mind. Sound familiar? Stephen Covey’s landmark book, “The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People” states that you “start with the end in mind’.

This mindset should be applied when you are creating leads for the top of your sales funnel. The ultimate end of your sales pipeline is your company’s financial position. So head on over to the CFO’s office for a quick chat.

The conversation is the first step in building a repeatable process that produces the right high quality leads for your business. It breaks down to

Your best leads behave like your most profitable customers.

The conversation could start with a discussion around “what is the most profitable...” Let the CFO define what “the most profitable” means and which customers are on his list.

CFO list of most profitable customers

Second, ask the CFO how many NEW customers does the company need to make plan this year? Try to avoid the “if the creek don’t rise” conversations and get to a definite and reasonable number of new customers.

Finally, ask the CFO what would it be like if the company made plan by adding new customers who behave like their most profitable customers?

Outbound is the most effective way to get the leads to move your business in the direction that you want to go. The wrong leads just waste everybody’s time.

Don’t let anyone tell you that outbound is too expensive, too hard or too complicated. The only way to get the right leads that become your most profitable customers is to identify them and to go get them.

Want to put more of the right leads in the top of your funnel?

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